Call it a year

I just finished my first year in the BYU MBA program. It’s hard to believe it’s halfway over already. I can’t believe how much happened in just eight months. The image on this post is of the Tanner Building as I remember it from undergrad. For Homecoming Week the school used to hang a gigantic Y banner from the west end of the building. When I would drive back to Provo from my summers at home in Washington, I would get to the crest of the hill in Orem, see the banner and let out a holler (to myself) with my anticipation for the new school year.* With the Tanner Building addition a few years ago, they don’t hang this banner anymore, which is kind of sad. Instead I go to business school in a part of the building that now stands where the banner hangs in the photo. It’s a decent tradeoff.

I loved my first year in the program. I got to work hard and challenge myself in new subjects. I got to interview for internships with the two companies I was most interested in: Microsoft in Redmond and Bank of America in Charlotte. To my utter amazement, I got offers from both companies and then had the unconscionable difficulty of choosing between two amazing opportunities.

Tyler, Brett, me, Maya, and Dan on the day we met and won the tower challenge.

I also made great connections with my classmates and professors. To illustrate some of the amazing people there, the program assigned me to an all-star team first semester. We met during orientation week, and I knew they were an awesome bunch when we started winning everything right away! I have had a lot of fun on different types of teams in the past, but generally my teams don’t win things. I can’t take any credit for our winnings, except to say I lucked out with the best group. Ropes course challenge? Won. Tallest tower of leadership? Landslide. Stratsim marketing competition? Yes. Not only do these people excel at their efforts, they are just good people in general. For one class project, we decided as a group to throw a service project on short notice feeding lunches to the homeless population in Salt Lake. I’m certain it was my most memorable day of the fall semester.

Our team at the end of the year, before scattering across the country.

As much as I loved working with my group throughout the first semester, I knew we had become good friends when the semester was over and we were still making an effort to spend time together, not just the five of us, but our families as well. Now that the year is over and we have scattered to Washington, California, Texas, and New York, I’m really excited to see them in a few months and hear about their summer experiences.

* I may be combining stories here. The building looked like this for at least my freshman year. Later, when I actually had a car to drive myself to Provo, the Tanner Building addition was already underway or finished. It still makes a nice story though.


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