To be or to Be

Somewhere between 18 and 24 months of marriage, and we have learned a few things about ourselves individually and as a couple.

Stephanie is Queen (capital Q) of the Nebeker home – although the image above is not actually a castle; it’s the stunning University of Washington library.

Capitalization is an important issue with Tyler, who has spent a significant portion of his early career as an editor. In most matters he is capital-letter averse. Stephanie is not. Note the following example: Tyler is currently a grad student. Most recently before returning to school, he was a business consultant. Stephanie is a recovering Interior Designer (again, capitalized), who has also worked as a landscape designer (curiously lower-case). She will talk more about her career in another post.

All of these issues come to head when two design-opinionated individuals co-create a family website. What form of heading capitalization will we use? Will we use two spaces or one between sentences? Thankfully we both agree on the necessity (grammatically and stylistically) of the Oxford comma. Whew – we dodged a bullet there.

Mostly we have learned that we agree on all the important things, disagree on really insignificant things, and when it really matters, the Queen (capital Q) is Right (capital R).