Let’s get down to business

So when Ty and I first got married, I thought it would be a great idea for the two of us to have a blog together. After all, we’re both design-y and like writing, and I had enjoyed blogging on-and-off for several years to that point. I made a new blog address for us and started posting there instead of my old blog once we got married. I was super excited about the whole thing.

Unfortunately Ty had a hang-up with the idea of a blog.

So I carried on posting to our joint-venture that turns out he was not super interested in.

We had a turning point a few months ago.  Ty declared that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if our blog was hosted by WordPress instead of Blogspot. Connotations and all that. My ears perked at the unexpected opinion and we immediately set about conceptualizing and designing our site-to-be, complete with charts and infographics… then we didn’t do anything about it until this week when it suddenly seemed like a good idea again.

So welcome to our new blog! Even if there might be a few pre-dated posts that were either transferred from our original blog, or converted to posts from other documents/letters we’ve written. It still counts as new.


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