How to: make an Eric Carle onesie

IMG_2065I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I mean really. Who doesn’t? I thought it would be really fun to have a onesie with the caterpillar on it. I did a fabric marker version for a friend a year or so ago, but decided I wanted to try with buttons. I love how it turned out!



  • (1) onesie-I got this cute white one with puffed sleeves for my friend’s baby girl
  • (1) red button
  • (4) light green buttons
  • (2) medium-dark green buttons
  • dark grey thread for sewing on buttons
  • dark grey embroidery floss for antennae

Everything but the onesie I found at JoAnn’s. I used a 0-3 month onesie, with 7/8″D red button and 1/2″D green buttons, so you can get an idea for scale.

This actually turned out to be a great project for me right now (read: on restricted activity and not used to taking it easy and kind of going stir-crazy), I could do it sitting down, and it kept my brain occupied.


I started by simply laying out the buttons and moving them around until I liked the look of it. Then I carefully lifted the buttons one at a time and made a small mark on the fabric where I wanted them to end up. At this point, my mother recommends using stabilizer on the inside of the onesie to make it more durable. But I had forgotten to buy some, so I just made do without and it was fine, but I will admit that afterword I wished I had used stabilizer.

After sewing the buttons (make sure to double-check your locations before starting each button), I added the antennae using embroidery thread. I didn’t want to have any marks on the fabric here, so I actually just pierced the fabric with the needle to show myself what path to take. I used a simple back-stitch, and a french knot for the ball at the end. I you are unfamiliar with embroidery stitches, this is a great post that can get you started.



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